Make Money Without A Job!


Join Gail for 8 Weeks of Magic, Money, Business, Coaching, Exploration, Manifestation and Fun!

Over the 8 weeks you'll learn the 21 Newpreneur Foundational Principles;

The 4 K's of making money without a job; Strategies for creating your offer; The 3 F's of Making money; my $100k Formula and more.

Program Dates are:

Wednesday, April 6 -  May 25, 2022

@8 PM est. on ZOOM.


soulful conversations & connections

Come to the WEEKLY call to ask questions and get coached.

stepping into your future self

Exercises to deepen your understanding of each weeks topic.

you're mind will be blown

You'll learn the strategies and self concept I used to make $60,000 in 31 days!

Here are the deets


We meet Wednesday evenings at 8 pm eastern. Sessions are 60 - 90 minutes and all sessions are recorded.

Come prepared to learn and to have the opportunity to be coached by Gail on anything related to the course topics.

walk through the door AND PAY YOUR COINS HERE!

Once you register you will be invited to our MAKE MONEY WITHOUT A JOB Facebook Group . All the replays for each weeks training will be housed there.